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Unified Pro Standard Elite Sparring Lace Up Boxing Gloves

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Professional Standard Unified Elite Sparring Lace Up Boxing Gloves are made using high quality Cowhide leather and can be used for Competition, Sparring and intense training on the heavy bag. These gloves have been designed to give the ultimate fit while supporting the wrists allowing proper force distribution and punching technique.

  • Professional Standard
  • Made from High Quality A+ Cowhide Leather
  • 4 Layers of Handmade Protective Filling
  • Additional Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Layer to Protect Knuckle Damage
  • Thick Layer of Memory Foam Attached Underneath the Palm and Strap to Protect Wrist Damage
  • Professional Style Lace Up for the Ultimate Fit While Supporting the Wrists Allowing Proper Force Distribution and Punching Technique.

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